We are a real estate and consultancy company that was established in January 2016. The largest real estate marketing company in Turkey offering the service that the investors deserve in along with the increasing demand for investment in Turkey since Turkey provides many legal facilities and provides a fertile investment environment because of giant infrastructure projects and the economic successes.
As a company, not only do we listen to our customers, find out their needs, but also offer them a real estate to fit their needs. Moreover, our services are not only limited to housing sales, we continue to meet your needs throughout and after the sales process. The sales and marketing activities which we offer, take place in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.
We are among the leaders in our sector. Since our establishment, we have offered services to over 2000 international buyers.


Real Estate Marketing​
We offer you best real estate projects in Turkey with wide choices that fits many purchasing powers.
Investment Managment
We manage the real estate investments of our clients in Turkey also we notify them periodically with financial and legal transactions
Applying to Citizenship
We provide all kind of legal support to our clients who want to earn Turkish citizenship those who fulfil the citizenship application conditions..
Legal services
Legal guidance & support by lawyers , Title deed clearence check , Turkish tax number registration notary services


Residential Projects


Investment Projects


commercial projects



Testimonials Page

Day After Day And Thanks To Our Competent And Friendly Staff, The Testimonials Of Our Dear Clients Increase And Reflect The Exceptional Services Provided By Our Company, Including The Before And After-Sales Services. These Testimonials Are A Source Of Pride And Honor For Us

I have got an excellent services and contact with trustful company and now i have my wonderful apartment with amazing sea view
by Mr. Ali S
I recommend dealing with Heysem Real Estate , within a short period between 4 to 5 months i got my apartment and my Turkish citizenship
by Mr.Mohammad Q
Though my repeated visits to Turkey , specially Istanbul city i saw that Turkey is the only country where successful investment is , and Heysem Real Estate has credibility is dealing and offers you the best prices
by Dr. Mohammad S
I didn't face any problems , every thing were easy for me , i got my Turkish citizenship and owned my property in the ancient city of Istanbul
by Mr. Ahmad M
Our Mission
Delivering the dream of home ownership everywhere, because owning real estate provides security, safety and opportunity for individuals. To empower our team to deliver the best service and to empower our clients to reach their real estate goals.
Our Vision
We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our customers, agents and employees build wealth. We love to work with people who are passionate about working hard and also giving back to their communities in a big way.

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